Adding Subtitles to Videos on Vimeo

by | Jan 23, 2021

With the help of convenient and accessible user interfaces, uploading captions to your videos on YouTube or Vimeo is a “walk in the park”.

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With over 1.9 billion monthly active users, YouTube shines at the top of digital sky, but with over 170 million monthly active users and more than 90 million registered users holding various subscription plans, Vimeo is quickly catching up.

Moreover, with greater than 70% of users from outside the United States, adding subtitles to your Vimeo videos is now more important than ever before, as it helps you extend your reach to a broader audience while also strengthening your existing viewer base.

Here is our four-step simple and easy to follow guide to captioning videos on Vimeo  

How do you add captions and subtitles to videos on Vimeo?

To upload captions on Vimeo, you need to have a professionally transcribed caption file, which you can either outsource to a professional  video accessibility services provider, like ECS or do it yourself through DIY (Do-it-Yourself) websites for captioning. 

Now that you have the caption file, you can easily add it by following some simple steps.

 Step #1: “Sign In” to your Vimeo account

Log in to your Vimeo account and click on “Manage Videos” on top left corner, just beside the “Vimeo” logo, and select “My Videos” from the dropdown menu.


Step #2: Go to the “Analytics” section:

In the “My Videos” section, you will see a list containing all of your videos. 

Select the one you want to add Subtitles or Captions to. Click on three-dot button (…), and then, click “Analytics.


Step #3: Go to the “Distribution” section:

On left-hand, vertical bar of tabs, look for “Distribution” and click on it.


Step #4: Add the captions to your video:

In the “Distribution” tab, scroll down and find the “Subtitles” section.

Select “Language” as English or other depending upon your video, and then, choose the options, “Captions” or “Subtitles,” under “Type”.


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Finally, click on “Choose File” and browse to the location of the caption file.

From there, you can easily upload it and voilà – your Captions or Subtitles have been incorporated in your Vimeo video.

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